About Streamboxr.com

Easily Play Music Stored in Dropbox

Streamboxr.com is an audio player layer on top of music you store and organize in Dropbox. Works on desktop, tablet or phone. Put your music in the Dropbox app folder and Streamboxr does the rest. Streamboxr.com features:

Just log-in to streamboxr.com - you will be asked to authorize your Dropbox account then a new directory will appear in your Dropbox space "Dropbox/apps/streamboxr".
Add your music and podcasts to that directory and they will appear and be playable in streamboxr.com. Easy!

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stream music from dropbox using our player

Secure & Private - Guaranteed

Unlike other Dropbox audio apps, Streamboxr.com does not ask for full Dropbox permissions. We know privacy is important - our permissions are limited to the Dropbox/app/streamboxr directory created when you register for this service.


Enjoy using this player for free. We do not charge a penny. "Wow, really?" you must be asking yourself. That's right - I built this for myself - and you are free to enjoy it as well. Future monetization strategies *might* include: 1) Begging for tips 2) Google Ads 3)Click to buy more songs by this artist through Amazon type links. Should make about $43 a month!


Built by Chris Chaudruc in Chicago. Started in 2013 as a personal utility to stream podcasts from my own dropbox account - Streamboxr.com has grown into a fully featured webapp anybody can use on any device. Forget the app store, forget device specific installations - our responsive webapp plays on any device.

Get a Dropbox account You will need a dropbox account for this work Get 2GB FREE »